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Morocco is a land with a romantic history older than the written word itself. Even today, it retains the titles of Caliph and Sultan on its money, in high office, and on the lips of its people.

Images of camels, Berbers and the Sahara, as well as memories of A Thousand and One Nights, are imbedded in the minds of children of all ages and stir longings of pasts forgotten.

It is a land of contradictions and mixed aspirations, as the old is forced to marry the new, with struggle each step along the sandy slopes.

One is never quite sure where the dividing line is when conversing with the Berber, as the attachment to the old ways is stronger than blood, itself. The Berber is the rightful heir to his land, but is forced to relinquish his birthright in the name of progress, for which he has little use.

The images here are but a glimpse of an unspoken resistance, as this land continues its slow march toward a new horizon.

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