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Many years ago I began working on a collection I then called “The Ancients.” This consisted of portraits of elders from around the globe. I wanted to show how much alike they were, regardless of their nationality or region.

I had many suitable images, some quite good, in fact. But I never released the images as a collection. They just sat there in my files for years. And years.

Finally, one day as I looked at the unpublished collection, I realized the problem. My premise was simply wrong. Way wrong. Yes, there was a similarity, as I had envisioned, but the similarity was in the WOMEN. NOT the men.

As I looked again, and then again, into the eyes of the women, I saw many things in their hearts and souls. Through it all was their understanding of what would become of them and their children in this world in which they were the disenfranchised. Of dreams never to be realized.

From the ten year-old Child Bride to the Woman in Blue, each somehow understood what she had been through and would have to endure to arrive at the end of her journey. The exceptions were Almost a Smile, and I never knew her story. And Knowing … was a well-kept woman who understood her commodity, as well as her clients.

For these, the very concept of equality, itself, is still a distant horizon. How little their lives and prospects have changed, even as the world only begins to understand that the survival of the planet depends on the advancement of this half of its citizens.
la Madre y su HijaKnowing ....Grandmother with HoopsWaiting at the MosqueChild BrideDeep in thoughtLa ViejaOld Woman in BlueMountain BoyEl Nino de la FincaWoman on BenchMother and ChildSmiling MotherSmokePearls

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Chris Parsons(non-registered)
Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the portraits of the elder women, Joe. Such wisdom within the lines and wrinkles of their faces. Your description of these wonderful subjects was absolute and so true. So glad to have crossed your path here in San Pancho....looking forward to seeing more images from your travels. Hasta luego.
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