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I had long dreamed of the voyages of Marco Polo and of those who went before and after. Seeking what? Riches, conquests, glory, or just adventure? I suspect all of these desires came and went, were realized and lost along the Silk Road.

New languages, new customs, new perils were scarcely more than beyond the next horizon. And the next. Perhaps, this was but one of the first of many steps toward what we now so complacently call “globalization.”

The journey must have started in the Ottoman Empire and stretched to the far reaches of India, Tibet and China crossing through that vast region of Central Asia and Persia.

The goal of the West was to bring back riches from the East. But, the real gold was in the culture of the East more than its spices and silk. For in this land was blended the religions of Moses, Zoroaster, Christ, and the Prophet Mohammed, as well as the Great Buddha, along with ancient beliefs. For here, there was no right way. They were all paths along this mighty highway.

The images captured here are of the peoples of those lands who are quickly being brought into this century – a century of quests for yet new riches as well as conquests of cultures. It is a saga of the struggle to shed the rich heritage of the past that appears to offer so little to them as they are forced into the future.
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