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Clint & the West -

The West is sort of a fantasy in the minds of many the world over. For me, it started when I first saw the "Marlboro Man" on horseback - a legend in his own time. He was more real than almost any cowboy movie hero. Fifty years later, I found myself living in the same small town in Colorado as he. I, too, had fallen victim to the allure of "the open range."

Most Americans are unaware that what they call “the West” was really Mexico until the mid 19th Century, and thus one finds existing families and towns that still maintain their heritage. Traces of the real owners – the American Indians – are all but gone.

I try to show what is appealing to me - the vastness of this land that has seen such sorrow and desolation in such a short time on the human scale. At the same time it is ever changing and offers a potential for growth and excitement that continues to stir the heart and soul for those who yearn.
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