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Cuba First Impressions
Is Cuba more Caribbean, South American, Latin American or something else? Yes, it is something else. It’s Cuba.

Cuba is a country of contradictions. It has an energy that is unparalled in most Latin American and Caribbean countries. It appears to have little in the way of stocked shelves and consumer goods, yet the people on the streets are happy.

From the 1940s and 50s vehicles in la Habana to horses and carts n the countryside. From a 99% literacy rate to few jobs available. The country seems to be, again, a contradiction.
But, no. This is Cuba.

They have been abandoned by the Spanish, the French, the US and by Russia. Yet, they have no resentment toward any.

They are not necessarily what one might call a success story, yet they see themselves as a work-in-progress. New chapters continue to unfold.

The images herein are from La Habana, which some say is the pulse of the country. It is an unusual experience to walk only a few moments in this city and realize that that small journey encompasses four centuries, as though one were in a time warp.

The people are not. They are in the moment.
Viva la Revolución
Joseph Cosby 2016
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