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Juan Valdez Most of these images were captured in Central America, from Mexico to El Salvador. Coffee has made this area into the newer banana republics of the world. How can they possibly leave poverty behind when drugs and coffee seem to be their only path into the New World?

From La Madre y Su Hija and El Padre y Su Hijo one can see in their eyes the aiking knowledge of what lies ahead. One can see the defiance in the mother’s eyes and something different in the eyes of her daughter. But, where there should be hope and joy in El Niño, what has happened to his innocence?

Through the lens I have that unflinching contact with my subject that could not happen for me without my camera.

My lens brings intimacy and there are times when I feel my subject and I have traded places, for I am not sure who has seen deeper into the soul of the other.

My images speak for themselves and carry their stories from one soul to another across borders and oceans. For their stories are repeated from generation to generation, from one village to another and have no boundaries of language or tribe as long as one is able to listen with the heart.
Joseph Cosby
Wooden CowboyMan with flowersEl nino de la fincaVaquero en Pastoresla BicilistaCafe No SeWoman Waiting At WindowLas LavanderasVolcanel padre y su hijoEnd of the DayEl Centro en la nocheBeansHold TightCloistersDona GaviTangueraAcolitoDeep in thoughtEl Nino de la Finca

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